Key Features:

High image quality and work without delay. Video Resolution 640x480 pixels with the possibility of interpolation of 5-MP.

High speed data transfer USB 2.0. It provides instant transfer of images on the screen and high quality images at a frequency of 30 frames per USB 1.1 is also supported.

Lights. Interlocutors will be you can clearly see even in low light.

image. With automatic exposure and white balance you'll always look natural under any lighting conditions.

The button for taking pictures. Lets take a picture with one click. Photo resolution 640 x 480 pixels with the possibility of interpolation of 5-MP.

Universal mounting. You can put a webcam on a desk or attach to the monitor.

Videophone Plug-and-Play. For video chat do not need to install software. Simply connect the camera to the USB-port and start chatting.

Additional Software. Additional software allows the use of additional picture settings - change the size, pightness, contrast, add various effects and frames, edit video and much more.


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