Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro
iPhone Back Clip Power Bank 2200 mAh

GoodTalk iPhone Dual SIM Partner

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An amazing Bluetooth accessory, which attaches an extra SIM card to your iPhone. Both the extra SIM card and the original SIM card can standby at the same time.

Just put a Sim card into this slim box, not only iPhone, even iPod and iPad can make call or receive text like a normal phone.


Super long battery life

One charge per day or per two days? That is out of date. One charge for one week, that is what you deserve. You and me all ought to enjoy a travel without a cable.

Health and Green

Connected by Bluetooth, no connector, no cable!

Low latency, making call and texting are smooth as on the normal phone.

No GSM radiation, Bluetooth is of less than 1/100 radiation of that of GSM.

AppStore Support

Jailbreak? Come on, forget it! Go to AppStore and search GoodTalk, or scan here.

Jailbreak free is the key to keep your phone and your data safe!

Clear Voice

Low-latency, Lossless voice processing. Like a normal voice call on iPhone, no difference in voice clarity.


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