The Asus ZenFone 5 View Flip Cover available in classy white color is the perfect cover for your ZenFone. This cover is for the classy and sophisticated and gives you that neat edge above the rest. But looks aside, it is also very useful in that it protects your phone from damage. The cover is made from a sturdy and tactile material and is quite durable. It is inspired by the Zen philosophy and looks just amazing. It is cut just right to fit your phone and enables you to uses the screen without even opening the flap. This means you can get your information at a glance and even answer or decline calls easily. It feels great to touch and has a gentle circular arc for a better grip and comfortable feel.


Physical Features


37.5 g


Polyurethane , Polycarbonate

Flaunt Your Personality


The Asus ZenFone 5 Clear Case gives you the freedom to flaunt your style proudly. This is protected portability and colorful mobility that has been inspired by the Zen philosophy. The ZenFone knows exactly what you need and delivers. This is the perfect combination of style and durability. The ZenFone family constitutes a huge array of accessories, that are specially designed to protect your phone and are extremely durable. Though they are tough and sturdy, they are also very tactile and comfortable to use. Pick a style and make it your favourite! The Zen Case is perfectly cut out for ZenFone and is available in interchangeable colors. Reflect your mood and personality with the a variety of multicolored cases that match the Asus ZenUI options. It has a finish that is smooth as silk and feels great in the hand. The gentle circular arcs are designed for a more luxurious and comfortable feel and a much better grip.

Easy To Get Used To


Protect your phone while still keeping all your information in view without having to flip the cover open. Check everything you need at a glance with this cover that acts as a window to the world of Zen. Perfectly cut out, so all snippets of information are always in view. Receive calls without opening the cover, it's that simple. Be updated with all your important information in just a couple of seconds with the special Asus app design touches.

Up to Date Every Time


Keep yourself updated at all times so you're always a step ahead. Do this without opening the flap.You will also be able to check your alarm notifications on the screen itself, without having to open the flap.You can even accept or decline incoming calls directly from the screen.Switch songs and enjoy your playlist which is easily accessible.


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